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An Equine Online Show - Win rosettes without leaving the comfort of your yard - Everyone with a Pony or Horse Welcome, Ridden or Non-ridden

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An Online Show For All Equines & Family Pets

We are a friendly fun show, Where you can enter your equine into online classes without leaving your yard.

We also cater for the family pet, weather it be a dog, cat or even snake!

Win one of our hand crafted rosettes & sashes, 1st to 10th place

How To Enter?

  • 1. Take photos of your Equines / Pets
  • 2. Choose a class to enter from our classes page above
  • 3. Pay Via Paypal & Relax

Some of our superb entries

Our Story

Miss Lou Lou grew her unicorn wings and flew over the rainbow bridge on the 12th October 2019. She will be so missed by us. I have no words to describe how we feel.She was one in a million pony and my daughter's best friend. Forever in our hearts our beautiful black beauty.

Miss Lou Lou as we call her, was a 25yr old part welsh pony who we have owned for over 5years

In that time she has been diagnosed with Cushings, EMS and cataracts in both lower parts of her eyes, this doesn't stop her as still loved to hack out, do intro dressage and pop a few jumps for good measure

I decided to set up this show as I know from experience how difficult it can be to go to shows with a pony that doesn't quite fit the bill. Our pony Louise has a broken crest, she also has EMS and Cushings, but she is just the way our vet wants her to be "healthy and doing fine", But in the show world, they would like her to gain more weight and be perfect from head to hoof.

It can be very disheartening to go to a show and not get placed purely on how your pony looks, even though you have done everything right, knowing that you just can't afford an all singing show pony.